Pectin, found in apples and citrus fruits, is well recognised as one of the most effective types of water-soluble fibre, for inclusion in a dietary approach to maintaining good health

Well controlled clinical studies have shown that increasing the dietary intake of water-soluble fibre is associated with reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

Pectin also provides a valuable prebiotic boost to your digestion. Prebiotics enable the growth & activity of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system

Pectin is increasingly recognised as providing a wide range of health & wellness benefits

Lowering blood cholesterol 1,2
Clinical trials have proven that pectin lowers blood cholesterol levels, when included in a dietary approach to treatment (2-10mg/day) 1,2

Consuming 10mg pectin daily (for 30 days), has been demonstrated to lower both Total & LDL (bad) cholesterol by over 10% 1

Relieving arthritis 3
“In March 1998 we received word of another astonishing home remedy… Grape Juice & Certo”

“….positive results have continued every single day since starting the regimen. I made no other changes to medications, supplements, diet or activities”

Anecdotal evidence also supports the beneficial effects of pectin for patients with:
Digestive disorders 4
Detoxification 4

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